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Jono McCleery vs. Djrum

I consider these both some of the most beautiful songs I have found in a long time. Jono McCleery is new to my ears, and an inspiring find at that. Djrum’s remix acted as the catalyst, and I also found myself lost in his material as well.

Chester Watson

To add to the list of young talented rappers. This Missouri native is 15 years old and killin’ it.

Thomas Dybdahl – But We Did

Ohh man this song is so good. That is all.

Apollo Brown


First heard Apollo Brown while I was staying at a friends house in LA. I could hear violins and a basic beat coming through the ceiling, interested, I stepped outside and with the help of shazam, discovered an all new fav. All I can say is this music is FLY. ‘Clouds’ takes you right out of the world we know into the higher atmosphere. This jam is refreshing, drink up.

Alice Bowman – Waiting

A simple song of beauty. Swedish based ‘Adrian Recordings’ hosts this on their Soundcloud, with many other gems.

SBTRKT – g.I.b edit

A swarming-like track from the well known SBTRKT.

Charles Murdoch


A couple stunners from Charles Murdoch of the ‘future classic’ brand based out of Sydney, Australia.