Josh Record – War

Josh Record - War

Josh Record, another rising talent out in the UK, this song’ll get ya.

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Straight outta Belgium. Good click to the first tune, a Gabriel Rios edit.
The 2nd track ‘The Finishing’ is SO slick. Wait for the sax.. that’s quality, wow.

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Tru Thoughts – Reminder (Long Arm Remix)

A gem to wake up to. Daydreamy.  Hit up the Tru-Thoughts soundcloud link for some reeaal clean beats.

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Thomas Dybdahl – But We Did

Ohh man this song is so good. That is all.

Apollo Brown


First heard Apollo Brown while I was staying at a friends house in LA. I could hear violins and a basic beat coming through the ceiling, interested, I stepped outside and with the help of shazam, discovered an all new fav. All I can say is this music is FLY. ‘Clouds’ takes you right out of the world we know into the higher atmosphere. This jam is refreshing, drink up.

Alice Bowman – Waiting

A simple song of beauty. Swedish based ‘Adrian Recordings’ hosts this on their Soundcloud, with many other gems.

SBTRKT – g.I.b edit

A swarming-like track from the well known SBTRKT.

Charles Murdoch


A couple stunners from Charles Murdoch of the ‘future classic’ brand based out of Sydney, Australia.

Bonobo – Ten Tigers


One of many incredible tunes from Bonobo’s latest album ‘The North Borders’.